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Game consoles have nowadays quite a huge number of followers. Especially the latest generation has a distinctive high-performance hardware and a wide range of functions. If you would like to purchase one of the latest consoles without spending a fortune, you are at the right platform with Turbado: Here you can the devices at low prices and with complete manufacturer's warranty. Secure your console bargain now! 

PlayStation 4 – A console that demonstrates its strengths

The market leader of the modern consoles in PlayStation 4. The multimedia entertainment system from Sony is available in Europe since the end of the year 2013  and owned approximately a market share of over 50% in the middle of the year 2015. This makes the PS4 the most succesful console of the latest console generation. 


There are several reason why to opt for a PlayStation console zu entscheiden: The PS4 has a highly modern hardware that allows breathtaking graphics which is amplified to the full on a big TV screen. A great number of exclusive games, partially on platforms, are waiting to be mastered. Apart from the prestigious games, this entertainment device has plenty to offer. 


Multimedia applications such as saving and playing music or movies, e.g: are part of standard applications- it has a generous internal storage of 500 gigabytes as part of its standard design. Even when you are playing a game, you will be able to listen to your own music. Another highlight is the interlinked online infrastructure that will enable you to interact with the community in different ways: Play games with your friends and load screen shots of your most exciting or hilarious moments or stream your gaming content live on Twitch.

Secure your console bargain now!

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